Why my mom joined SprayTech as an investor and videographer!

SprayTech is, at it’s core, a small business with strong family values. We care about clients and our employees as if they are part of the family. And, our families are also involved in the company! In fact, my mom, Alexandra Dickerman, has stepped up to not only invest her money in our business, but also invest her talents as a videographer. I asked her to explain to us why she has made this commitment to our new company. We at SprayTech are very grateful for mom’s support of our vision as well as her amazing videography talents which have led to many of the videos that we have been posting to our social media platforms.

–Lexa Walsh, MD, SprayTech Co-Founder and CEO

Here is my mom and dad at her recent 80th birthday party.

I invested in Spraytech because I think window-washing by drones is a clever and practical solution for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

For example, we lived on the 12th floor of San Francisco’s Nob Hill, the highest elevation in the city.

Every month I would watch a man scale down from the roof of our building, using a thin slat of wood on ropes as his chair, to work on our windows. 

Because our unit faced the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, our windows were constantly coated with moisture and sea salt. Thus, the man on his rope chair would spend the whole afternoon buffeted by the cold, wet wind, to clean our windows. 

I used to sit and watch him in horrified fascination and trepidation until he was finally pulled back up to the roof to safety.

When drones are used to clean our windows, no life is put at risk. 

I love to watch their graceful flight, and when the water jets turn on to spray our windows, I am always amazed.

I do not love all the new labor-saving conveniences of today (although I confess to loving most of them). But I do think window-cleaning by drones is one of the best inventions yet.

(Making videos of the drones in action is almost as much fun as watching them in person, and I often cannot resist adding a few cartoon effects, just to add to the fun.)

-Alex Dickerman