What is the best way to maintain your solar field? Add thermal scanning to soft-brush wash technology!

The solar industry is growing rapidly and SprayTech is here to maintain our growing solar energy fields! We have grown our solar customer base by utilizing the latest in soft-brush technology with deionized water with low parts-per million dissolved solids, to gently yet effectively clean a large number of panels per day without damaging the delicate photovoltaic surface of the panels. Our crews drive up and down the rows of panels without risking their lives by cleaning each panel by hand. The smart technology of the soft brushes allow for varying heights of panels. Cleaning solar panels literally makes our clients money: clean panels collect more solar energy, generating more electricity!

How can this possibly get better for our clients? We are now offering thermal scanning technology! Our thermal drone can map an entire solar field quickly and accurately (down to the milimeter!) A report is then generated for our clients, showing any potential defective panels quickly and easily, identifying problems while they are still small, before they become big– and much, much more costly!

While we are onsite to perform the solar panel cleaning, we can also perform the thermal scanning. If both are performed regularly (we recommend quarterly), our services pay for themselves. Instead of costly inspections of each panel, thermal scanning can quickly identify a problem which can them be addressed.

The best part is, by combining our services and signing a yearly contract, we can save even more money without our package discount. Call or email Mike today for your free proposal at 949-996-1858 or mike @spraytech.io. Check out our brochure.