Swing Stages: We have a better solution!

SprayTech is committed to providing safer and more effective solutions for your cleaning needs. Many of our clients in Southern California have been eager to learn more about our use of technology so that they do not need to use their swing stage (otherwise known as a gantries or suspended scaffolding) is essential to perform maintenance on the outside of buildings. However, these scaffolds are also often used to perform exterior window and facade washing. Many of the property managers that we have been speaking with recently need to service their swing stages which can cost several hundred thousand dollars and may take many months to get serviced due to increased demand on the repair companies. Even if their swing stage is working well, if it is not in constant use it will need to be intermittently inspected. Finally, anyone who uses the swing stage is legally required to be employed by the property itself, which may or may not include the window and facade washing crew. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure worker safety, and judges are starting to punish employers who put their employees in dangerous positions. For example,  a project manager who had allowed the workers to climb a defective swing stage– in spite of noticing a potential lack of lifelines– was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison pursuant to the breach of his legal duty.

Why take this chance when we can safely clean the exterior of your building without using swing stages, gantries, scaffolding or other equipment that may put workers in harms way. We use the best of traditional power washing techniques combined with the use of tethered spray drones to safely spray deionized water and eco-friendly chemicals to the surfaces. Email or call us today for a quote! info@spraytech.io or call 1-888-264-0225.

“The number one scaffold hazard is worker falls. Fall protection consists of either personal fall arrest systems or guardrail systems, and must be provided on any scaffold 10 feet or more above a lower level (two-point scaffolds require both PFAS and guardrail systems). This is especially critical with suspended scaffolds, because they often are operated at extreme elevations.”

Swing stages or suspended scaffolding can be very expensive to fix, maintain and obtain permitting for. In many cases, the only people legally allowed to use the swing stage are those who are employed by the property itself, which may not include your cleaning crew. SprayTech offers spray drone cleaning capability which eliminates the need for the use of swing stages in many cases.