Spraydrones and ozone: a perfect combination for sanitizing stadiums

Our spray drones can easily sanitize large areas where people gather, including stadiums.

Ozone water is an amazing disinfectant and is completely non-toxic. We have recently added ozone as one of our services, and we are starting to offer stadium sanitization services. Our spray drones can easily cover large areas with an even misted spray of ozone to quickly and safely sanitize stadiums between events.

First, about ozone water. Ozone is a gas that is formed by 3 oxygen molecules which is created by adding electrical energy to the oxygen already present in water. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and is therefore effective at killing viruses, molds, fungi and bacteria present in the air and on surfaces and does not leave any toxic residue.

We are not the first spray drone company to disinfection services. The Atlanta Falcons started using sanitization via Lucid Drone’s C1 spraydrone starting in November of 2020 when fans were allow back into the stadium. Also, a company named Eaglehawk has been sanitizing stadiums in upstate New York and beyond. Our use of ozone for disinfection makes us unique in the marketplace.

We at SprayTech feel we are uniquely positioned to expand the offering of this service to stadiums in Phoenix, Southern California and the Denver Colorado area. Contact us for more information at info@spraytech.io.