Introducing our new cleaning partner: All Mighty Green!

Al is CEO and Ramon is COO at All Mighty Green.

We are excited to introduce you to our new cleaning solution partner— All Mighty Green! This amazing and non toxic cleaning solution will be on our trucks and spraying buildings in the near future. 

One of the reasons that we started SprayTech was to provide cleaning solutions in an eco-friendly and eco-conscious way. So it is only natural for us to want to partner with a chemical manufacturing company who shares our values. 

Al Rosario told us that he founded this company after his son was diagnosed with an incurable type of childhood cancer called Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. Al was worried that his son’s exposure to toxic chemicals—such as cleaning solutions—may have contributed to his developing cancer. He therefore was on a mission to develop non toxic cleaning products that still work really well for the toughest jobs. This is especially important in California where there are very strict laws about what you can clean with. Al and his colleague Ramon met with us to demonstrate their products and we were amazed at their cleaning power on most services. We will stock All Mighty Green on our trucks and plan to use it regularly. Check out their website and reach out to them directly for more information about their cleaning products.