Cleaning is tough… why don’t we quit the business?

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. This one certainly is for all of us at SprayTech!

This picture was taken at one of our projects with a large glass atrium in front, and it was not an easy project for us. The winds were high and it has been uncharacteristically rainy in Southern California, causing delays to our start date. Other projects have been complicated by busier-than-usual hotels, windows dirtier than we thought they were going to be, issues with water location and pressure, and a million other small and large issues. BUT, when we receive positive feedback– such as this anonymous comment taped on the inside of a window that we have been cleaning– it makes it ALL worth it!! We love to see our customers and clients and tenants happy with the work that we do, and we aim to put a smile on everyone’s faces as we do our work.

 One of the tenants put this sign in their window after we cleaned it!

It can be dangerous to fly our spray drones in high winds, and if you don’t have an experienced pilot, you could easily end up crashing a 27 lb drone into a window– a recipe for a lot of broken windows and unhappy customers. Add in the low parts-per-million water quality needed, the different types of pressure pumps and trucks, and this type of business is NOT for everyone! We feel that our unique blend of drone and pressure washing experience is crucial to give our clients the best possible outcomes, without danger. Many people are FAA-certified and have drone flying experiences, and many companies specialize in the power- and soft-washing of commercial properties. But it is rare to have a company that has expertise in both drone-flying AND cleaning.

When our pilots are flying our spray drones while cleaning, we attract quite a crowd. Many people are curious about how the drones work, and some even wonder aloud whether they, also, would be able to fly such a drone to clean, like we are doing. We also have had many people reach out to us from across the country to ask about our experiences in hopes of replicating our success in their home town. We caution them that this business is not for the faint of heart! Our pilots have over 15 years of combined drone flying experience, which is crucial with these big drones in dangerous weather conditions. We worry that less experiences pilots may cause damage to buildings or even injury to themselves or others.

 In addition to our drone experience, we also have top-of-the-line pressure washing and soft washing equipment, surface cleaners, water heaters, and a new water purification system that can keep up with our drones’ water demands. We also have team members with decades of conventional window-cleaning experience, as well as the most advanced water-fed pole systems so that we are able to touch any window below 50′ by hand for our signature white-glove service.

What does all of this mean? We hope more and more happy customers– just like the anonymous tenant who wrote us the note and stuck it on his clean window–as more and more clients trust us to clean their exterior facades and windows.