Clean AND safe: SprayTech’s use of technology to improve job safety

Our reputation at SprayTech lies in our ability to safely clean your structures, whether they are solar panels or high-rise office buildings. How are we able to safely clean at every job site? Our philosophy at SprayTech is that the use of specialized technology that allows us effectively but safely clean any size job.

Our spray drones are able to clean structures far off the ground without the need for swing stages, scaffolding or rappelling. The drones are tethered to the ground and have automatic obstacle detection to ensure that our drones never touch the buildings we clean. Our trained drone pilots have thousands of hours of experience in flying in order to ensure safe piloting of the drones.All of our pilots have their part 107 license and receive additional training in the use of spray drones prior to piloting any projects. We also obtain all applicable FAA waivers. In addition we always have a visual observer on each job site to make sure that all safety protocols are followed precisely. We use deionized and softened water to minimize the use of chemicals at our job site, and we use water reclamation in order to minimize excess water at our job sites.

Cleaning solar panels safely involves its own set of challenges. Again, SprayTech turns to technology in order to clean solar panels safely. The photovoltaic solar panels are easily scratched and move throughout the day to follow the sun. Our specially designed soft bristle brushes safely but thoroughly clean the delicate panels and use smart hydraulic technology to gently clean the panels at any angle. We also use our deionized, softened water to clean the panels with a minimum of chemicals, which is safer for the environment. The water is carefully heated so as to not “shock” the panels with water that is a much different temperature than the panels. Water that is too hot or too cold can crack the panels. Of course, we are just as concerned about our employee’s safety. The use of the brush technology allows our staff to stay safely away from any defective panels with live electricity.

We now can offer an additional layer of safetySprayTech also now offers thermal scanning of solar fields. This scanning can easily identify defective panels which can be safety hazards, both to our employees and to the employees of the solar fields.

We plan to add cleaning robots for tank and solar panel cleaning soon in order to continue to expand the ways in which we can clean more effectively, efficiently and, of course, more SAFELY.

Leveraging technology to offer safer and better alternatively to cleaning via traditional methods is what we do here at SprayTech, day in and day out. Call or email us for more information! 1-844-SPRAYTECH or