We use technology to clean your high value assets more safely, more effectively, and for less money than ever before.



Let us clean your home’s exterior windows and facades. Our proprietary cleaning solution and straight-forward pricing make regular exterior home maintenance simple. 


Your business properties will shine with our customizable cleaning options to efficiently and safely tackle difficult to clean exterior facades and windows. 

Solar panels

Solar panels

Regular cleaning of solar panels pays for itself with optimized energy capture without the need for anyone climbing on your roof. 

Wind turbines

Wind turbines

Coming soon!

Our spray drones apply proprietary foam cleanser to efficiently remove years worth of grime and oil allowing cost-effective regular maintenance of your turbines. 

SprayTech is revolutionizing the cleaning industry.

01. More clean

Leveraging technology to ensure 100% project coverage. 

02. Efficient

Drones can clean 10x more per hour than traditional methods. 

03. Safe

Advanced collision detection system. Techniques are safe for children and pets. 

04. Cost-effective

Shorter time on-site with better results allows for more regular maintenance. 

05. Decreased liability

Elimination of human error and no need for rappelling, lifts, booms or scaffolding. 

06. Green

Less water, zero environmental footprint, and non-toxic cleansers. 

07. Giving back

5% of profits donated for daycare for Phoenix Children’s Hospital employees.

Cleaning needs an upgrade.

SprayTech was born from the desire to improve current methods of cleaning. We are using spray drones to revolutionize the cleaning industry while giving back to our community and minimizing our carbon footprint. 

Our spray drones and trained staff easily conquer difficult-to-clean projects.

We are proud to be majority female owned and operated.

Spray & Pray

We want to clean your church, synagogue, temple, or mosque for FREE!

Featured Videos

“I love walking into The Ohio State University Airport terminal and seeing how great that facade is looking after your work!"
Chris Strasbaugh
director of learning Technologies
The ohio state university